Complete Hands-On Blogging – April 24, 2010 – in Sunnyvale, CA

Got blog?

How’s your blog doing?

Not a few of you have already signed up for the 2nd Blog Workshop on Saturday, April 24, 2010.

Details -

Many of you will also have an opportunity to attend a workshop being organized in your area as well, albeit a bit beyond April 24th – June in Sacto, July in Fremont and …

My take on this April 24th workshop is that it is a prequel to the first blog workshop.

The first one addressed – how to use blogging as a platform, to get traffic and the earning potential. It was the ‘meat’ or whatever else you might put in a sandwich so to speak.

This next workshop is the two slices of bread – How to get started, the mechanics of posting, inserting links, images, media and scheduling…. And how to build your network, add links to your books and make some money…