4 steps to be a successful travel blogger

One wonders what it takes to be a successful travel blogger.

Some wonder what it takes to be a successful blogger in any niche.

Problogger Wilby knows the answer…what it takes to be a good travel blogger, what it takes to be a successful (choose your niche) blogger.

1. Experience counts. Lots of bloggers what to claim authority in their chosen niche when in truth they just read and regurgitate stuff from elsewhere on the net. A real travel blogger has experience. NomadicMatt is a good example of an experienced travel blogger. He has a good following but could use some SEO help.

2. Sitting in a chair counts. It’s one thing to have the know how and


Where bloggers fit in the top 9 uses for a tablet

I, a blogger by trade,  showed up at Best Buy a day early to buy my Xoom tablet. I got the days wrong.

“Dude,” the sales clerk rolled his eyes, “it doesn’t come out till tomorrow.”

“Uh! Yeah, I knew that. I was just practicing,” I fired back embarrassed and feeling my age.

The point is, I wanted a Xoom and I was counting the days. I just didn’t count right.

Some figures about tablet computers that came out of the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas not long ago.

In the next 3 years, as many as one in 5 Americans will own a tablet says Harris. (My bet is the tablet makers commissioned this poll.) Only 1 in 3 Americans are even online now.

Forrester research says