Search Engine Optimization | A Case Study

    So while thinking of topics to write about, I like to refer to articles by Professor Belew. He has some really good chunk of content on almost every aspect of blogging. He’s written on topics which include subject matter of Content marketing, Inbound marketing and Outbound marketing, etc. From these topics, I can…


Questions I Wish I Had Known Before Starting Blogging – Junction Instant Webworld – Part 1

Before taking a class of marketing with social media, I had never known about blogs. I have seen many people doing blogging.  I was always wondering how people do that.  What is the benefit of blogging? I was always wondering about blogging and always thought to have my own blogging. Joining the Blogging Class I…


Google told me 3 times last week – the most important factor for good SEO

The Google folk told me 3 times last week what the single most (not ONLY) most important factor for good SEO, ( Search Engine Optimization) is.

A Google AdSense Teams and a Blogger Team came to a Meetup that I organized

I live in Silicon Valley and just 1.5 miles to the north of me is Yahoo, 3 miles to the west is Google and 2.5 miles to the south is Apple among other Silicon Valley gaints.

I host Meetups where I teach people how to blog and what they might be able to get out of being a successful blogger = getting read by interested readers and NOT just getting found.

I recently hosted a Meetup – Google Blogger and AdSense Team to present/do Q & A for serious users- 2 days.

The Google Teams came out of the Google Multiplex located at