Top 5 Students by Unique Visitors, Page Views and Search Results at Inbound Marketing University

Following are the Top 5 Students by Unique Visitors, Page Views, Search Results in Inbound Marketing University class taught by Bill Belew in Mountain View, CA after 13 weeks. Uniques Page Views Search Increase Diana Symons 2309 8394 1592 197 Mprocopio 1371 6292 1005 12 Miamei 8833 25586 384 18 Silist 1133 4070 553 60 MacCuttingBoards…

Platform Building for Savvy Writers – blogging and dynamic web sites

I was invited to teach the fundamentals of platform building to a group if savvy writers in Palo Alto, CA. There were a couple of business owners there as well. No matter, the principles are the same.

And at the very bottom of good platform building is the blog – the key component in good SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

Nothing says, “Read me!” more than a blog. A blog makes a web site dynamic. The content changes regularly, usually in reverse chronological order.

This group is made up of writers, marketers, teachers, a radio station owner and someone working on his memoirs.

Search Engine Optimization at its heart is fresh content that has appeal to real people AND to search engines. You can’t just write junk that a search engine will find and people will not care about. Nor should you write content that real people MIGHT like but could never find unless they were told to go there.

I am confident that the attendees here today got the gist of what is necessary to make both real people and search engines happy….or not. 😎

So, how’s your blog doing? Do you know the basics of platform building and how a blog acts as the cornerstone? Ask me and I will tell you.