Bill is a problogger, author, speaker, grown up to become a content marketer and influencer trainer.

I am Bill Belew, AKA = a character with character.

This is my site.

It is no small matter to me that you have taken the time to visit my site.

There are several billion (literally) other places online that you could be right now. But you are here. Seriously. Thank you!

A few things about me:

1. Here’s a video that some Google (Yeah, that Google) people made about me.

2. I have been an educator for many years. I taught university in Japan, community college, college, graduate school and marketing in an MBA program here in the states. I have two terminal degrees – a PhD in Education and an MFA in Creative Writing. I can teach you.

3. I have written several books. Living English, Let’s Communicate, The Key, Gee, I Wish I Had Been Drinking At The Time and, my latest, Marketing With Social Media which is being marketed to ALL the MBA marketing programs in the US by Kendall Hunt Publishing.